The Message in the Bottle Jun01


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The Message in the Bottle

The Message in the Bottle workshop was part of a documentary being produced by local filmmaker Billie Mintz. I worked alongside The Movement, a collective of designers here in Toronto, to help facilitate the workshop which brought together brewers, marketing executives & NGO’s to discuss the topic of Responsible Drinking and help envision how we help everyone achieve their goals, especially in the case of young people.

The workshop was an interesting process and while it started out with a bit of trepidation on everyone’s part, the group quickly settled in and got into some very fruitful & productive discussion. We designed a series of exercises to help map out the road towards successfully educating young people about the hazards of drinking irresponsibly and assessed what contradictions might exist that prevent them from being able to get that message across (the big insight was that it’s difficult for a brewer to help educate students because they can’t access them if they’re under the drinking age).

The entire workshop was recorded and elements of it were used in the completed documentary (trailer embedded above).