Innovate News 2010: Visual Thinking & the Writing Process

I had the opportunity to speak at the Canadian Association of Journalists’ conference “Innovate News” – I had been asked to come and give a topic on Visual Thinking and how it could be used by journalists of all types.

I deliberately focused on how visual thinking can be used early on in the process for activities like brainstorming, information gathering & organization and story development. It was a brief session (~30 minutes) so my goal was really to present enough information to get people interested in the idea of visual thinking and give them some ideas for directions where they could dig deeper.

The Presentation

I’ve uploaded the deck and included it here below:

Resources & Links

You may find the following sites or books of interest if you want to learn more:

VizThink – A global community of visual thinkers and communicators. Tons of visual thinking content, ideas and educational materials.

An Introduction to Visual Thinking – The presentation I mentioned about nodes & links for creating models & stories.